Veneno Handelsgesellschaft mbH is an international trading company specializing in wholesale and retail food and in promoting healthy lifestyle and pro-social activities. We cooperate with the selected producers and customers from home and abroad and adapt ourselves explicitly to their requirements and wishes. We do not let our experience and the goal out of sight to be a sustainable trading company. Especially with the brand Panda Kaffee we want to support social projects and get involved for them. Our core products are organic baby products, organic coffee, organic beef and selected international wines. Our offer is an ideal combination for the needs of our customers.

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Frater GmbH
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We have started cooperation with Veneno Handelsgesellschaft mbH due to the comprehensive approach to the client. We are satisfied not only with the quality of raw materials, but also with logistic support offered by the company. As a producer of metal shelf systems, we can confidently recommend Veneno as a reliable trading partner.
Point Sell
Michał Witkowski
Trade Company
We sell  high-quality products mainly targeted at children and their mothers. As Veneno Handelsgesellschaft mbH customers, we can guarantee to our cutomers the highest standards for the delivery. The experienced specialists working in Veneno support us across the entire supply chain.

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Despite our best intentions we are not top experts in every field. Therefore we cooperate with others to offer as wide
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